Do you like to play games? What’s New in K-2?

I really do.
My kiddos LOVE to play games.
They learn to take turns, to negotiate, to strategize…
and to win peacefully, 
and lose graciously.
So…I created a game.
Not just ANY game.
A game kinders  can play WITH second graders…
Here is my newest product
( click on picture to see it )
The game is “LIKE” another game where you want to get 

The directions are pretty simple…
Take turns placing your tokens on the MAT…
Try to get 4 in a row.
You can get 4 in a row horizontal, vertical, or diagonal!
BUT…be  careful!
Your partner will try to BLOCK YOU!
When you BLOCK them…

Multiple game mats are included.
You can play a variety of levels, as needed.
Differentiation at it’s BEST!

The tokens are what make the difference.
There are a variety of leveled tokens.
From ABC’s & 123’s…to short vowels…to contractions, and more!
Players must READ before playing a token!
READ?  and have fun???   

Packet includes:
3 differentiated game mats.
16 different themed player tokens.
Here is a PREVIEW of the packet.
It is regularly $5…
for a while,
 ( you never know when…)
IT IS ONLY $3 !!!!

Happy Summer my friends!
To see this and OTHER fun products…
My friend, Linda @ Primary Inspiration is having a LINKY!
Click on pic to head on over!
WHAT’S  NEW  IN  K-2 ???

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