DO you Garden? A little or a LOT?

What does YOUR garden look like?

 Do YOU garden?

My hubby is a gardener.


We have raised garden beds.

A few of them.

And we have PRODUCE!

One week’s harvest!

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I need to APOLOGIZE…

Me?  Not “love” to garden.

I “like” to garden.

I love to HARVEST.

I love to eat.

I don’t like to WEED.

I don’t like to sweat.

Fingers dirty?  It’s OK.  

As long as I can WASH THEM…SOON!

Love my new GLOVES!


So we plan our garden.

We grow seeds on our kitchen table.

We start them indoors, 

so we can move them



As a teacher, 

I want MY students 

to learn to grow their own food.

I want my students to LOVE to garden!
We planted a GARDEN!

We will plant tomatoes, pumpkins, Swiss chard, 

& lettuce in our raised garden.

The garden flowers will go on either side of the planter.

Now to help you in the classroom…

Sunflower Seeds

Robby Rabbit’s Garden

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Robby Rabbit’s Garden. Complete CCSS Grade One unit for Reading, Writing, and Math.

Planting and Learning About a Garden.

How do YOU garden?

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2 thoughts on “DO you Garden? A little or a LOT?

  1. Michelle

    I don’t garden. My husband has definite ideas about how he wants to do it and I just stay out of the way. My youngest son wants to plant something so I helped him pick out seeds and I’ll help out with that where/when asked. (It looks like I may be installing bees into two new hives tomorrow, which is definitely not my thing, so I don’t feel guilty about not doing enough of the outside stuff. But I’m really hoping all I’ll have to do is pick them up and bring them home.)

  2. amazingmaterials4you – Currently, I teach fourth grade after teaching fifth grade from 2011 - 2018. Before teaching fifth grade, I taught third grade, first grade, kindergarten, preschool, baby and toddler music, college, and graduate school. I am a mom of two daughters and a Maltese dog.

    My mom is like this! When my children were little, we really enjoyed going out in her yard and eating berries straight off the bushes. At one point, she had her property endorsed (approved, something?) by the Audubon Society because she was using a combination of different bugs and plants to control infestation. It was amazing!

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