Did I hear….HFW rings???? Did I Hear FREEBIE?

My kiddos LOVE word rings!
Vocabulary words, Word Family word rings, &
HFW Word Rings!
I have to give a shout out to 
for starting me on this journey!
She has the best 
Sight Word System!
So…I have been adding to my HFW RINGS!
Here’s a few of my newest packets…
So….. how do we do it?
Let’s make some EASY PEASY!
3 X 5 cards, rings, Avery Labels, & a LIST…
DOLCH, FRY, Curriculum, etc…
Kids need words…you choose the list.
Here is an easy & quick set for small or whole group.
Start with 3X5 cards…2 whole punches….cut the middle..
Makes 2 cards!

2 word cards…

Add a ring! VOILA!
Print your  word list on Avery labels…

Put ONE word on each page…
The RED DOT is to help kids know where to START!
I kept  all of the words in the same order…we can read together..
I make sets of 6…25 words per ring
That way I can differentiate between small groups.
These can be used for Guided Reading, Individual practice, and/or homework!
If you made it ALL the way to the end of this POST..
This is for YOU!


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7 thoughts on “Did I hear….HFW rings???? Did I Hear FREEBIE?

  1. Mrs. Brown

    I have been doing this for the past 5 years…it is wonderful how much my kids will practice their words since they think it is almost like a game!

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