Currently November 2014

Is it already
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Listening to RAINDROPS…in California! We are in a SERIOUS drought. In Northern CA we are soooooo happy to have RAIN! Also…I turned on the radio…and…CHRISTMAS Carols! I know it’s early & I will be glad to turn them off AFTER Christmas…but I LOVE TO SING ALONG!
Loving Hubby LOVES to some BIG steaks for dinner…YUMMY!!!!
Thinking I really should fold the laundry in the basket…I know there is ANOTHER one too…if I keep thinking about it…do you think it will get done? ( Now or Later…Hmmm)
Wanting to decorate for Christmas! These songs are putting me in the spirit! ( Finished shopping for grandkids today!) YIPPEE!!
Needing to get into a good exercise program. Daughter’s wedding in MAY. I really need to get serious! Next week…:)
Reading Lucy Calkins Grade 1 Writing Units of Study…always trying to better myself! 
That’s about it! Happy November!   

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2 thoughts on “Currently November 2014

  1. Marcia

    I have the perfect freezing temperatures to get you in the mood for Christmas. Too cold for me to want to bbq! Hope your dinner was delicious!

  2. Michelle Brezek

    Lucy Calkins is great – we just started using her stuff district-wide this year!
    On another note, I was in Bath and Body Works early last week and heard Christmas music. IT was too early then…now that Halloween is over, I'm a little more open to it. Glad you're enjoying it!
    BigTime Literacy

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