Currently JUNE??? Already?

My,  how “time” flies!  🙂
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What else is there to say?

(To those of you who are still working…hang in there! )
Summer is here! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Currently JUNE??? Already?

  1. Teaching Autism

    Hope you have a lovely Summer! So jealous that you are on Summer Vacation!! I love that you are an 'official melonheadz addict' i love their clipart SO much! It's brilliant!! Although i'm just a SUCKER for anything clipart!! Hope you made cookies with your grandkids! What a lovely way to spend the day!

  2. Carrie H

    Okay, I am a little jealous about Vegas! lol. My dream for someday is to go to the I Teach K conference! But my next dream is to go to WBT conference one day. One day….

    Happy Summer! I feel so guilty when I read about how many days people have left and I have been out for awhile already (early dismissal dates due to budget cuts…. boo, hiss).

  3. Cheryl Irick

    Ah, laundry- it never ends. But I'm secretly looking forward to doing laundry from now on. Why is that you wonder? Well, I just got a brand new set! The capacity is huge and they are so fancy, I'm anticipating lots of fun as I figure out all the great things it can do. Maybe there is a "Fold" setting. Ha, ha.

  4. All Things Special Ed.- Tales From a Resource Room

    So jealous that you are going to Vegas!! I can't wait to hear everyone's stories and hopefully all of your posts on the TPT conference! We had baby robins about a month ago and it was so sweet to see the mom and dad constantly feed them!! There is always laundry to do at my house! It is a never ending door, haha. Lisa

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