Cookie Exchange…CHEATER! Yep..ME!

Each December our family has a cookie exchange.

You bring 1-2 dozen cookies.

You take home a variety of cookies…

as many cookies as you brought.

Here are some of the cookies made from years past:
and these
And so…
those of you who know me…
I don’t bake
well, I have..
I just don’t ENJOY it!

* I made a batch of persimmon cookies last weekend.
I felt I had to before the perimmons rotted.
I gave them to the chickens!

And so…  What to take to the family cookie exchange?

Make it…..don’t BAKE it!



Check out my COOKIE Pinterest board for MORE ideas!
And so…

Will it be a Pinterest SUCCESS?
A Pinterest FAIL?

Here we go!

Lay out the Nutter Butters.
Break the pretzels into antlers.
Mix powdered sugar into
(It dries like CEMENT…it holds everything!)

I think ..


The grandkids LOVE them!

So was I a COOKIE EXCHANGE cheater?

Maybe. But you know what?

The smiles & hugs made it ALL worth while!

Merry Christmas!

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0 thoughts on “Cookie Exchange…CHEATER! Yep..ME!

  1. 1stgradefireworks

    You are always so positive! HAHAHA the funny thing was…hubby was ALL upset…ALL OF THEM WHERE GONE! I had to make ANOTHER batch for him when I got home! HAHAHAHA Merry Christmas! 🙂

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