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Close Reading 101


What exactly is CLOSE READING??

You mean I need to “scoot forward” and put my glasses ON?

You mean I should put my glasses ON?

NO, silly!  It’s a reading strategy for gaining information from a reading source.

Here are some helpful resources:

Some blogger friends have great information, also.

We Are Teachers has a great blog post

 “What Exactly Do We Mean By CLOSE READING Anyway?

My friend, Susan Jones, explains how to do

Close Reading on First Grade

And, 1stgradefireworks can help with

Reading is the 1 Predictor of Academic Success

When doing research…

when I  need more reading information,

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From HANNAH @ The Classroom Key

From Jen @ Teacher Karma

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Kristine @  Young Teacher Love

She has a GREAT blog post about


Gotta know YOUR standards!

Susan Jones SAYS…

What is Close Reading? by Susan Jones

It’s a chance for students to ask/answer questions by returning to the text for answers.

We want them to INTERACT with the text.

Reread, highlight, use sticky notes, etc.

and then use the text for answers.

Close Reading is not about the PHYSICAL PROXIMITY to the text!
It’s about diving INTO the text for answers to prominent questions ABOUT the text!

WOW!  Finding out their own answers to questions AND being able to “PROVE IT?”


Just imagine the writing that can be created from a CLOSE READING lesson?

Writer’s Workshop in…FIRST GRADE???? Breathe…YES, YOU CAN!

What a prominent strategy to use in a BALANCED LITERACY CLASSROOM!

What is a BALANCED LITERACY Classroom? This resource will show YOU!


Balanced Literacy in First Grade! Let’s start with READ ALOUDS!

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 Have YOU tried CLOSE READING? Leave me a comment and let me know how it went! 🙂
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