Can you tell it’s almost …the END???

Can you feel it in the air?
Do you SEE them wiggle? 
AND talk, so loud?
And where did my classroom management go?
But….we must go on!
We must teach!
even though we have FINISHED our MATH Curriculum…
Done the quarter assessments…
started report cards…
WE must teach!
I began to introduce my kiddos to 
They had seen the 100 flats, but had not used them to build bigger numbers!
So away we go!

Hundreds, Tens, ones… WOW BIG NUMBERS!
We needed some quick practice that would make an impression!
In comes every teacher’s FRIEND..
Folded and modeled, guided &,practiced,
 and then they made their OWN BIG NUMBERS!
Hundreds +  tens + ones =
They did great!
Even my little ones, who don’t always “Get It”..
They “GOT IT!”
So Proud!
( Now if they will just RETAIN it!)
So we are winding down..
How about you? 🙂
Hang in there, it’s ALMOST Friday!

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