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How do YOU get kids out the door at the end of the day?
Everyday ( 15 min. before the bell rings…)
I ask 5 students ( they are in colored groups)
if they would like to READ a story THEY WROTE
(Author’s CHAIR)…sit in the TEACHER’s CHAIR! 🙂
They can choose READ or PASS ..
(I only let them pass 2 times..then it’s time to read)
We all head to the carpet area.
AT THIS TIME…I have 2 “Helpers” stack ALL the chairs & clean the floor!
We learn to read to others, to LISTEN to others, AND
now we give one compliment AND one suggestion.
This is new. 
How to compliment with specifics.
How to KINDLY suggest something to make it BETTER!
They are doing great!
After we listen to our WRITERS…
I have one student clean out their cubby & go over papers to go home
(We do homework Mon-Thurs)
Then I excuse students 3-4 at a time to clean out their cubbies
and go line up.
As kids are lining up …
(I don’t know if I got this one here…BUT…same chant…)
Check it out!
 You can get it here
A Teachable Year!
By the time I finish the CHANT..
sometimes QUICK ,sometimes SLOW
We are all lined up, classroom clean, & out the door!
Hope this helps! 

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  1. Foxwell Forest

    Dismissal time can be such a crazy time! Thanks for sharing some great tips on how to make this time meaningful and run smoothly! Thanks too for sharing the freebie! So glad that you linked up again this week!! 🙂

    Foxwell Forest

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