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I have been working on getting my student’s to become

I really need to start working with student’s in small groups.
We do beginning of the year assessments, guided reading, guided math, writing conferences, interventions & ELD  
ALL in small groups!
To enable me to do that…I need INDEPENDENT LEARNERS.
Daily 5,
Must Do’s / May Do’s
Whatever you call them..learning centers where students can practice skills already taught with make sure they were done!
I really have been focusing on 
I purchased 2 large sterilite drawers…
On the left  each drawer has a different … WORD WORK CENTER!
(On the right each drawer has a different FLUENCY center).
Spelling words, rainbow words, playdough, stamps, games, & sorting will be a few. 
I expect to change a few ( not all) each week.
We shall see. It depends on the kids.
If they can handle it…we change them. If NOT ( not ready)…we do them again!
So to help YOU  with WORD WORK…
I have some new FALL  BTS   Packets!
First…Back to School  WORD  WORK!
(click pic to view on TPT)

( with NOUNS! YIPPEE!! )  

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I hope this helps with some of your centers to help you…TEACH!
Have a Great Back to School!
Here are the prizes YOU can WIN in the GIVEAWAY! WOW!


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  1. Jacqueline Miller

    I smiled when I read your opening line, because as a 7th grade teacher, I am also trying to build independent learners! HA! It's much easier for me, however. This year was the first year that I started off the school year in learning centers. It worked like a dream. I have no doubt that you will be able to mold your young people and they'll be working independently in no time. My sister is a 2nd grade teacher, so I've heard the struggle that my colleagues have at the elementary level. My hat goes off to you. Keep on keepin' on.

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