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A few people have been asking me how I use my
in my classroom.
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During my guided reading center time, 
my “higher” readers, SOMETIMES,
want to work together!
So… Every 2 weeks…NOT ALL THE TIME..
every 2 weeks 
they do a BOOK CLUB!
We have a reading “curriculum” that has whole class
and leveled reading books.
They get 5 leveled books per theme ( 5 weeks a theme).
I let them choose 1 book to read together, to discuss, and to 
do a BOOK CLUB Book Report TOGETHER!
Our centers time is about 45 min. a day.
For 30 min. ( 2 rotations ) a day for about 3-4 days…
they work together to complete the packet!
It has predictions, summaries, word work, connections, reflections, etc.
Their job is to..
 You should hear the “higher level” discussions! 
BLOOMS to the MAX!
I don’t want them to ONLY use this for reading instruction.
They also get whole group lessons 
and they meet with me in heterogeneous groups
when they have completed their packet.
We meet & discuss their findings
when they are completed.
I am currently working on forming the 
next BOOK Club in my classroom.
They need to be independent learners who have the
vocabulary & desire to work with others.
We are getting there!
I hope this answers any questions!
Feel free to leave me any comments or questions!
Leave an email if you want more answers! 🙂

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