OK My friends!
I need some HELP!
Big birthday BASH is coming & I need some …HELP!
Anyone able to contribute?
I would SOOO appreciate the help.
It will run MAY 7-13.
May 13 is my BIG “50”…OMG!
Email me if you can help:
Ohhhhh…such a bad picture!
( I was bowling & got a strike…one of FEW!) 🙂

Better…but oooo too close! 
 Anyways,  THANKS!

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  1. Lance Campers

    Both pictures are cute! Your lesson plans are amazing. I am a homeschooling parent to a Firstie who attended our neighborhood school last year(we're in urban Los Angeles, minutes away from downtown) for kindergarten. She luh-uv'd Treasures, so when I got the online version for us to use at home she was ecstatic. Me? Not so much! It's been a year of adapting lessons from The Mailbox to fit with this curriculum…and now, of course, Pinterest and all the Teacher Blogs…to add some SPICE, FUN, and DEVELOPMENTAL APPROPRIATENESS to some very bland (and dense) lesson plans. I do not often come across California Treasures blogs for First Grade. You rule! Keep up the awesome work! Yours kids are LUCKY! I'll bet their parents love you! McGraw Hill should hire you ASAP to help them improve future editions of California Treasures!

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