Behavior Clip Chart…Student Take Home Chart

I LOVE to use  my student “CLIP CHART” for classroom Management!
My student’s take TOTAL responsibility for their behavior!
I love the accountability for positive & negative behavior.
My student’s who are on BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION PLANS,
can start back on GREEN after each recess ( if needed). 
My only problem was…
I didn’t want to deal with 31 individual notes at the end of each day!
How to let parent’s know how each child was doing???…
SO… enter,
Weekly & Monthly Accountability charts!
I staple a blank page in their file folder, at the beginning of each month…
They color in their behavior color each morning ( before morning work).
I put these on their desk each afternoon before I go home.
I put a reward coupon in every folder that is pink or purple! 
(Above & beyond standard expectations!)
Absent students? Write an AB on that day.. ( you can’t be on green if you are NOT HERE!)
At the beginning of the school year, to set my routines…
We use the weekly chart ( not monthly charts). 
I will use the weekly charts for the first month or so.
I like to have raffles…so
 Each student who is on green or above, gets a raffle ticket EACH DAY, 
 for the first month. Raffle drawing on Friday!
(Peer competition to get green or above!)
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2 thoughts on “Behavior Clip Chart…Student Take Home Chart

  1. jmbella703

    How do I print a copy of your behavior chart printable? I tried finding it on teachers pay teachers but I couldn't come across it. This is exactly what I am looking for to implement in my first grade classroom.

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