Bats, Bats, Bats

Just an update on our BAT unit!

To see our beginning plans
click  HERE

We have been reading, writing, discussing, posting, etc etc etc 
about BATS!
So far…writing was  …minimal at best!
Now…we are WRITING!
Started with a BAT folder.
Added their BAT Booklet…lots of BAT activities and
reading comprehension pages.
Lots of learning in that LITTLE BAT BOOK!

We took our learning to the ANCHOR CHART!
Post it facts …they wanted to sort them by similarities!

Let the writing COMMENCE!

And then…they read their stories and we did a shared writing.
(I wrote what THEY told me to write.)

The “eyes”, “lips”, “house”, and “moon”
are visuals to remind them to write about 
what an animal LOOKS LIKE, FOOD it EATS, SHELTER, and 
what it does during the day & night…
Lots of support for EL student’s.
Tonight I am typing this up to add to our fluency binders.
Practice, practice, practice!
SO? How are they doing?
 They are doing GREAT!
Now…they want to write their own NON-FICTION Books!
Bats first…and then other animals.
Can we? Can we?
If you REALLY want to!       🙂

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