Bad Blogger…Five for Friday..OK SUNDAY! :)

I know…
Bad blogger…
I wanted to participate in 5 for Friday..
BUT FRIDAY CAME & WENT …and so did Saturday
SO…here is 5  for  SUNDAY! 🙂
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for 5 for FRIDAY!
First we started with Great Gma’s Bday! ( My MOM)
WHO has their birthday the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!?
So, what do we do?  
We take ALL friends & family…BOWLING!
Anyone who wants to OR CAN …bowling at noon!
This year we had around 25 people! 4 generations BOWLING!
Happy Bday MOMMY!
I want to Thank the US NAVY for NOT sending my son to the EAST COAST!
(Not that I don’t LOVE the East Coast)
he has a 20 month old ( my granddaughter )
and ALL of his support family ( us ) lives in California!
He has NO support in Virginia. So..
He & daughter will be staying in San Diego!
New job…same housing & daycare for baby!
I am sure they US Navy did this for us! 🙂
Thank You!
Isn’t she CUTE!?  Proud Nana!

New Bike…Ummm…Daddy? Where is her helmet? 🙂
My other granddaughters are close to us. ( 30 minutes away )
Oldest (4 yrs) is now in KARATE!
Don’t get too close to her “new kick”…Daddy!
Her kick is just where you DON’T want it! 🙂
Her little sister…who is going to be one-year-old soon…
has a new smile!
Isn’t she cute!
BTW…just found out these 2 are going to be 
Baby on the way in September!
I’m going to be a Grandma …AGAIN!
( Gotta start saving for Christmas!)
Hubby surprised us with a mini-vacation!
Short 4 day cruise to Mexico!
Lotsa laughs, food, drinks, more laughs!
Here’s some pics…
Family Fun!

Dinner…I take pics of pics….CHEAP MOMMA!
(Don’t worry…Carnival got their money from me!)

 Didn’t want to walk. We took the “buggy” back to ship.
NO RUBBER on the wheels, no back on the seat!
Laughed until I thought I would WET MY PANTS!
My new friend!
Yes….this Cali girl does know how to BARTER!
Don’t mess with me! 🙂
I    REALLY like Pina Coladas!

Did I mention…I also like MARGARITAS, too?
OK…Number  5…
I always bring home some liquid from Mexico!
( You think you know!)
I know…REALLY?????
My last bottle lasted 2 YEARS!
I brought home 12…family gifts…HUH?
Glad it’s not YOUR birthday!? 🙂
 Cheap & good!
Sounds like ME!
Had a BLAST! Laugh, eat, drink…REPEAT!
Now I am off to the GYM!
 I don’t think I get to eat until FEBRUARY!
Happy January!

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