This is NOT a Back to School Post! I AM NOT READY!

I AM NOT READY to go Back to School!

My summer has JUST begun!

Yes…this is my view.

Princess Cruise to ALASKA

As a “veteran” teacher..30  years in First Grade, I know we are NEVER OFF!

My teacher’s brain is ALWAYS on. On our recent trip to ALASKA, I brought back “trinkets” that I can share with my First Graders. Always thinking AHEAD!

As I am a PLANNER… I LOVE ORGANIZATION, I am thinking ahead.

To help YOU with your Back to School SUMMER PLANNING.. I KNOW you are.


The one thing I can do for to help you get ready for Back to School.

THEN…you can Recharge. And please do.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Check out my TPT store to HELP YOU!

Plan. Organize what you can, and LET IT GO!

Rest , Relax, and enjoy your time off.

Back to School will be here before we know it.

I think I will have a fruity adult beverage, please! ENJOY! 

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