Animal Classifications

This week we did some EXCELLENT WRITING!
Report cards were done & I didn’t start our next unit because…
So..what do you do with ALL of the extra time ….we WRITE!
I have to be honest…I have not taught ALL of my SCIENCE standards.
 I know I have a new series somewhere , but my new ELA series takes up most ALL
of our day…& Math… so
As any good teacher ( who LOVES science & writing) would do…we wrote about ANIMALS!
Living things…yaadaayaadaayaadaa…NO…WE WROTE ABOUT ANIMALS!
My EL’s had a hard time with the new vocabulary so…(Thank You Project GLAD),
we did new academic language, made charts, filled out graphic organizers, did shared writing,
sloppy copies, and a final draft! We had to edit for spelling, handwriting, complete senteces,
punctuation, AND IT HAD TO MAKE SENSE!
All of that in 5 days! AND THEN…..
They got to make a “tear art” bear head. ( They HATE  tear art… “Can I PLEASE use my scissors?” “NO!”)
Simple…tear construction  paper, glue to small paper plate,
add ears (with torn paper..they need FUR too), add eyes, nose, & mouth.
(Pictures in 2 weeks when I go back..sorry)
here is the unit we used to RUN the MARATHON! Enjoy!
Check it out on my TPT store!

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  1. 1stgradefireworks

    I wish…I am hoping that next year the "beings that drive my PACING GUIDE" at the district will release the fast pace at which I am supposed to deliver my curriculum. I know what I will do. 🙂

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