Almost READY!

Waiting for paperwork to clear HAS TO BE  IS the absolute worst thing ever! As teachers, we work with paperwork every day. Take from a “pile” ( or new cutsie folder as I now call it) , document the contents, email to whomever needs to see it, and  recycle it (or file it for later)! I deal with LOTS of paper. BUT….I try not to keep people waiting for ME to do my end! Waiting, waiting, waiting….what is that saying about patience? I am sure I have it here SOMEWHERE, on my desk. Maybe I should spend time filing while I am waiting…??? Oh, well..We are on the path. A little bumpy at times, but I think I see the mountain tops ahead. Soon I will be up and running with new items for sale on TPT & TN. I even have accounts I didn’t know existed! This “business” side of education has me up late at nights! I feel like I am back in graduate school again! I guess we NEVER stop learning! Hang with me folks, I am learning to be patient! Thanks!

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