A Little Gma LOVE!

Time to R&R and reflect on what’s important!
We are now “empty-nesters!”
Our youngest of 4, and the ONLY GIRL..
She and her hubby are now setting up their new home & a new life.
(Luckily…same small towm as us..I still get to see her..just NOT as much!)
We also have 4 grandkids!
2 of 3 of our sons…have blessed us with grandchildren!
Our grandkids are 5,3,2,& the baby will be having a bday next month!
Growing sooooo fast!
 ( Slow down…NANA wants you to stay little!)
Took girls for ice cream!
Silly girls!
Baby H is “wanting” to walk…
Slow down little one…NANA LOVES HUGS!
Kiddos LOVE to play in a water tub!
Give them a tub & a hose..& let them go!
3 year old wants to read soooo bad!
She brings me books & wants to cuddle!
( Warms a teacher-NANA’s heart!)
So as my summer vacation comes to an end..
I spend time with hubby… R&R..
Hug our little ones..
and enjoy my wonderful life!
I hope you spend YOUR summer connecting with those who matter to YOU!
Happy Summer!

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