A Little GMA Love!

Time to R&R and reflect on what’s important!
We are now “empty-nesters!”
Our youngest of 4, and the ONLY GIRL..
She and her hubby are now setting up their new home & a new life.
(Luckily…same small towm as us..I still get to see her..just NOT as much!)
We also have 4 grandkids!
2 of 3 of our sons…have blessed us with grandchildren!
Our grandkids are 5,3,2,& the baby will be having a bday next month!
Growing sooooo fast!
 ( Slow down…NANA wants you to stay little!)
Took girls for ice cream!
Silly girls!

Baby H is “wanting” to walk…
Slow down little one…NANA LOVES HUGS!

Kiddos LOVE to play in a water tub!
Give them a tub & a hose..& let them go!

3 year old wants to read soooo bad!
She brings me books & wants to cuddle!
( Warms a teacher-NANA’s heart!)
So as my summer vacation comes to an end..
I spend time with hubby… R&R..
Hug our little ones..
and enjoy my wonderful life!
I hope you spend YOUR summer connecting with those who matter to YOU!
Happy Summer!

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1 thought on “A Little GMA Love!

  1. learningmyself

    Congrats on your baby girl's wedding! My daughter, too, got married on June 27th in Vermont. Luckily they live close by in Philadelphia! Lucky you with the gbabies! I'm still waiting on my son, but I do have 2 granddogs! Anyway congrats and well wishes to the happy couple! and thanks for all you do! Amy

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