A Day In the Life…& A FREEBIE

Hi everyone!
Happy Dr. Martin Luther King DAY!
For me….NO SCHOOL! ( Thank You! )
SO…I am LINKING up with 
for a…DAY IN THE LIFE…of my classroom.
 Sorry…no pics
Here’s a synopsis of my day.
I start my day with Daily 5 rotations.
 (If you don’t know Daily 5…go to THE 2 SISTERS..LOVE IT!)
I teach at a Title 1 school…lots of “tardy” kids 
and LOTS of interventions!
So my first grade TEAM decided to 
POOL our Resources…
We leveled our ENTIRE grade level!
ALL 80 kiddos leveled!
Then we chose the lowest 35…just out of small group space
to be given small group interventions DAILY!
We have 4 paraprofessionals & we, 3 teachers, who provide
INTERVENTION groups daily!
Lots of scheduling & assessing , but works like a charm!
(If you want more info on this…I will blog later..email me if you want it NOW!)
Stations are:
Reading ( Fiction & Nonfiction )  –  Partner / Self
Writing – Independent Workshop Time
Word Work – Spelling, games, pocket chart. poems
Computers – I have 6 laptops ( No ipads )
What am I doing for 75 minutes?
Best part of my day!
After recess & daily DUTY ( either AM recess or PM recess)
We do our whole class ELA Curriculum.
My district chose McGraw-Hill  CA TREASURES…
Then….LUNCH! 🙂
After Lunch, my kiddos get out their BOOK BOXES ( independent levels )
and they READ…Read to Self!
 Not to me, not to your neighbor, to yourself!
It’s NOT quiet…I try to keep it to a low “HUMMMM”
Mon & Tues my kiddos go to
 Mon. Music & Tues PE…my prep time!
Then my whole class goes to the Computer lab!
30 min. daily of Scholastic iread.
(Working MUCH BETTER now!)
we do math…LOTS of MATH!
(On Mon & Tues we do some math in AM too!)
After PM recess…
More MATH!
We do math timed tests…40 leveled math facts in 3 minutes!
There are 28 different levels & when they pass one they move up!
(more on that later)
Then we have mandated English Language Development (ELD)
15 min. daily LEVELED in class & 15 min. daily platooning.
So I have 16 kids leave my class & another 16 ( from other firsties) join us!
My EO’s work on unfinished work, computer time, or QUIET games!
After ELD…
AUTHOR’S Chair…4 groups weekly…
They can choose to sit in the TEACHER CHAIR & read a story from their journal
or PASS!
Working on LISTENIING to others & READING to an audience.
Do they ALL read …NO…Some are just REALLY good 
During Author’s Chair…my CLEAN UP CREW (helpers)
stacks chairs, cleans floor, checks center materials,etc.
Then we pack up our stuff 
WOW!  No wonder I am tired!
Thanks for staying with me ..
Here’s a FREEBIE for you! 🙂

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