This “Ticket” is used to keep my first graders accountable for STATION (centers) time. We get approximately 30-40 minutes daily for ELA independent work time.My STATIONS are part of my Daily 5. My students have a STATIONS folder, where we keep all work and our TICKET, for the week. I copy these ( 2 on a page for ease) in black & white. My kids color them in as they complete them during the week.Usually, they can complete 1 1/2 – 2 stations per day. If they do NOT complete a station during the alloted time, they color in HALF. The next day they must start there to complete it. On Friday, we check ALL folders. I have a “helper” staple all work in the folder to the ticket. If ALL work stations are completed, they can use Friday to play the STATION games ( no accountability for station games).If stations are  not completed…they finish station WORK on Friday! They are becoming more aware of “time management”. I use a timer on my doc camera so they know how much time they have left each day. I use the Read with Teacher station to do my guided reading and/or assessments.
 I hope you can use this to help with the movement & accountability of students.

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