hatching eggs

Spring is Coming! WHAT? The eggs aren’t HATCHING!

Spring.  Bunnies. Chicks. Eggs. Shamrocks. Sunshine. Rainbows.

Feel it? Smile. Spring is COMING!

As a first-grade teacher, I attempt ( repeat ATTEMPT),

to bring Spring to my students in a


And then there is REALITY!


Chickens hatched in an incubator. Photo of an incubator with eggs and a newborn chicken.

I tried. I followed the directions.  I GOOGLED it!

As I walked into the classroom on day 21 of incubation, I walked slowly to the incubator to see the newborn chicks…

Expecting to see 10-12 yellow fluffy baby chicks chirping for me –

SOMEHOW,  the incubator had been unplugged … 


I couldn’t look. All was silent. No movement!

The kids were coming! 

What to do? What to do?

I covered the incubator with my RAIN JACKET

( Yes, it was raining ),

and told the kids the eggs were SLEEPING!

I was NOT ready to tell them!

We survived the day.


I “cleaned out” the incubator. Went to my LOCAL Farm Supply Store.

AND PURCHASED 8 ( that’s ALL they had ) yellow fluffy baby chicks!

Did my students get to see them hatch? NO!

Did they get to watch the MOMENT? NO!

Were they excited to see and hear the baby chicks for a short time – one week was ALL I could do! 

YES!  They loved it!

Moral:  Be flexible. Mistakes happen.

And always have a PLAN B.

And if you are hatching eggs…

have your local Farm Supply Store

ON SPEED  dial.

BUT, Spring is COMING!

Let’s get ready!

Helping my kids in the classroom celebrate SPRING, we have LOTS of SPRING practice activities.

Spring Math Fact Families Booklets for Addition and Subtraction to 20

 Robby Rabbit Plants a Garden

Robby Rabbit Plants a Garden


Honey Bunny’s Easter Fun

Honey Bunny’s Easter Fun

 Animal Classifications

Have fun! Enjoy the SPRING!

We in NORCAL are digging out from rain, wind, snow, sleet, and hail…

But the SUN will come out! We will be WARM again!

Smile, hug those you care about, and remember…


Happy Spring.   

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