Writing BUNDLE for the Elementary Classroom

It’s time to focus on WRITING! Here we go!

It’s that time of the year.

No. Not Easter Eggs.

Not Spring flowers.

Not even putting up the Christmas tree…YET!

In our classroom, it is time to FOCUS ON WRITING!

To each skill there is a time to learn, a time to practice, and a time to MASTER.

In our classroom, it’s time for WRITING. 

It’s probably the hardest for primary ( TK- 2 ) students to MASTER. 

There is SO MUCH to learn!

Phonics, Grammar, Sentences, Spelling, Procedures…etc., etc. 

And what if English is your SECOND language?  Oh my!

And so, we start early. 

We focus on writing.

Work hard. Practice A LOT.

And MASTER it, in time.

We need HELP. We can’t do it alone. 

And we shouldn’t! We need help, support,

practice, and time. 

We teach NONFICTION writing also!

WHAT? Help is here. 

Check out my post on Interactive and Shared Writing

To help support my EL’s and my Emergent Writers, I have a NEW BUNDLE for Writing.











    Writing BUNDLE for the Elementary Classroom

This is a combination of my top 3 writing products!

WHY? It is time to Focus on Writing!




Good Luck!

Give them time, support, and

LOTS of practice. 


It’s time to focus on Writing! 

Here are some MORE ideas to help with writing:

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Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!




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